Peach YAROSLAVA cosmetics Bag

The story behind our Yaroslava range of cosmetics begins with company founder Boyce Lin, formerly a regular traveler to Eastern Europe as part of his work in hi-tech industries. Each time Boyce returned home to Taiwan, he would bring a set of Russian matryoshka dolls as a gift for his wife Yvonne — a symbol of their enduring love for one another. As the collection grew, husband and wife came to feel that even if they found themselves at opposite ends of the Earth, these Russian dolls would await their day of reunion with a silent prayer of love.
Drawing on the meaning and mystery that Russian dolls inspire around the world, our branding finds further inspiration from Russia in its name: Yaroslava is the Muscovite goddess of the sun. Packaged in a unique diamond-styled container, dressed in Slavic blue and adorned with a modern, distinctive interpretation of the traditional Russian doll, our cosmetics also contain an extract of high-grade sunflower oil, the national flower of Russia. Together, these features combine to create a series of boutique cosmetics inspired by the elegance and style of Czarist-era culture. Yaroslava: Experience the romantic beauty of Imperial Russia — a feast for the senses.